Full Time Ski Lessons

And why settle for the only ski course morning?
For the adventurous and for those who want to make the most of your day on the slopes, here's a proposal designed for children and teenagers more dynamic.

Private Ski Lessons

The private lessons... what's better way to succeed in a short time to know and embrace the secrets of our ski instructor? No doubt it is the perfect opportunity to quickly learn to get off along the beautiful slopes of the Dolomites acquiring engineering, safety and dynamics.

Snowboard Lessons

The snowboard instructors of the Ski School Adamello Brenta are the perfect reference point for those who want to get to know this young discipline at all levels: for beginners, for intermediates, for snowboarders already experienced.

Ski Lessons


Private ski lessons

A friend who lets you experience the fantastic world of snow! The private…

Group Ski Lessons for Kids

For the younger skiers the school Adamello Brenta has come up with a formula…

Full Time Group Lessons

All day, all fun! And why settle for the only ski course morning?For the…

Group Ski Lessons for Adults

To take your first steps on skis, to perfect the techniqueand to set new…

Private Snowboard Lessons

Snowboard lessons for every levels. The snowboard instructors of the…


CONDITIONS OF SALE – Scuola Italiana Sci Adamello Brenta All lessons…

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Tutorial: snowboarding

Tutorial: snowboarding

Well, you are about to face your first adventures on snowboard and it is normal that you are looking for some advice to live this experience to the fullest: if done in the right way it will change your life!

A modern fairytale: The Period of Evil

A modern fairytale: The Period of Evil

Once upon a time there was a princess ... SnowWhite, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty... In short, we are all used to the beginning of a fairy tale, and also for us ski instructors of the Adamello Brenta Ski School in Madonna…

Terms of sale

Terms of sale

Check the conditions of sale for ski and snowboard lessons in Madonna di Campiglio. If you need, our office is always at your service!

Dream of a Ski Instructor

We really look forward...

Dear readers and skiers,   I am and I work as Ski Instructor at the Adamello Brenta Ski School.   This profession is the story of a dream, of a thought that came to life in our minds from a very young age. Passion…

Ciao Cesare Maestri...

Ciao Cesare Maestri...

Cesare Maestri left yesterday. We'd like to imagine him having climbed the last peak of his earthly life - and what a life! -dancing on tiptoe as he did on the rock. The Caesar was a myth, a piece of world mountaineering…

3Tre: the World Cup is back

And also this winter it will be 3Tre

We are used to welcoming on the Canalone Miramonti, and deliver you the most intense emotions. This year, we want to bring these emotions to your home. On December 22nd is going to be a unique 3Tre, that we will experience…

Snow has came, good mood is back!

Snow has came, good mood is back!

Madonna di Campiglio and its snow-capped Dolomites, perfectly covered slopes, white woods, clear skies.

Letter to the newspaper - Skiing in the age of Covid

Our Director writes to the newspapers

We would like to point out the publication of a letter written by our Director addressed to Corriere della Sera and also published by the well-known "Sciare" magazine. Good…

Athletic preparation for skiing: how and when

2: Athletic preparation for skiing: how and when

Here are some suggestions to prepare you to enjoy your ski holidays while having fun in safety, and why not, with some skiing and snowboarding lessons. The advice of the experts is to start at least two months before departure,…

How to get in fit on the skis

1: How to get in fit on the skis

Like every year, when winter approaches, many people plan their Christmas holidays on the snow or white weeks in the mountains, perhaps in Madonna di Campiglio. Excepting the lucky few who live in the mountains or who reach…

How we ski against Covid19

How we ski against Covid19

Covid-19 - Notes: the Italian Ski School Adamello Brenta, in line with the Trentino Ski Instructors College and the Trentino Ski Instructors Association, is monitoring the evolution of the situation of the pandemic…

Ski Instructor & Mom

Ski Instructor & Mom

The value of being a ski instructor and mother.

Madonna di Campiglio: the Pearl of the Dolomites

Madonna di Campiglio

Where the mountains meet the sky, snow & Ski

3-Tre Madonna di Campiglio - World Cup race


Short history of 3Tre, one of the most historic and famous events in the world of ski.

Ski School office on the ski slopes

Ski School office on the ski slopes

We are in the center of Madonna di Campiglio!   The office of the Ski School is located in the center ofMadonna di Campiglio, the main street, close to the arrival of the mythical track 3 Three-stage of the famous…



Madonna di Campiglio is ready...and you!?! The first snow has come, and we really look forward to ski...what are you waiting for book your ski & snowboard lessons? We're waiting for you!