A modern fairytale: The Period of Evil

A modern fairytale: The Period of Evil

We want happy ending.

Once upon a time there was a princess ... SnowWhite, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty... In short, we are all used to the beginning of a fairy tale, and also for us ski instructors of the Adamello Brenta Ski School in Madonna di Campiglio, it was experienced kind of like a Walt Disney story.

We used to get up early every morning, we used to have breakfast with expert skiers, our colleagues of all ages, we used to brave the heat, the cold, the rain and the snow. We have fought against a much greater evil, the total absence of our sport, the closure of EVERYTHING ... ski slopes, lifts, the absence of customers with whom to talk about ours and their news.

This was the Covid 19 period, it led us to isolate ourselves, to keep us still, to interrupt all our motor functions by closing ourselves in our homes and imprisoning ourselves in our sofas, slaves of Netflix and Amazon Prime. But finally, as in the most famous fairy tales, the "evil" is over ... it has been almost totally eradicated, and our skis are bravely escaping from our garages to welcome us outside the door and escort us to the nearest ski slope. .

The period of the "EVIL" is over, we leave again with a great desire and finally we are happy to tell you that WE Masters of the Adamello Brenta Ski School are waiting for you this winter in Madonna di Campiglio to take you / accompany you to ski!

Ciao everybody.


Blogger: Marcello