Ciao Cesare Maestri...

Ciao Cesare Maestri...

The Spider of the Dolomites has climbed the last peak

Cesare Maestri left yesterday.

We'd like to imagine him having climbed the last peak of his earthly life - and what a life! -dancing on tiptoe as he did on the rock.

The Caesar was a myth, a piece of world mountaineering history. They called it the Spider of the Dolomites, of our Dolomites. But he had left the footprint of his boots in the world, on Cerro Torre, on the 8,000.

Yet he was one of us, he always has been.

It was nice to meet him in the village of Campiglio and notice his smile in response to his greeting.

He was also a ski instructor, one of those colleagues he is proud of.

He will miss his he Campiglio, but we know that from up there he will continue to observe the Brenta, to protect it with a smile.

Ciao Cesare.


Blogger: Andrea Sini