Skiing loves Peace

Skiing loves Peace

The following greeting does not express any opinion, or personal point of view about the problematic events currently taking place between the governments of various countries.

It is aimed at ordinary skiers who loves Italy and Madonna di Campiglio, whether they are Russian, Ukrainian, Moldovan, Belarusian and coming from everywhere, without distinction of nationality, sex or religion.

We miss you. Yes, that's right.

It’s absolutely true the “tourists” spends money in our country, but we don’t miss you only for this reason….

We miss you because in many years we have learned to know each other, we have found different aspects that bring our cultures closer, we have always been proud of your passion and your interest for Italy, and this has pushed us even more to offer you not only a simple ski lesson, but a complete offer of the Italian culture and lifestyle.  It is said that beautiful things lose their charm when they cannot be shared…then, culture, art, food, fashion, artistic and natural beauties of our country await and look forward to welcoming you.

The Italian Ski School Adamello Brenta awaits that all the skiers tourist can travel as before, (before Covid for sure😄) and came back to enjoy the beauties of Italy, especially of Madonna di Campiglio. 

The Ski Instructors in Madonna di Campiglio will always be ready to give their best on the amazing snow of the Dolomites! 

We hug you.

Blogger: Massimiliano