Ski Instructor & Mom

Ski Instructor & Mom

Our young girl ski instructors

I am a ski instructor.

And I am also the young mother of two beautiful children. Becoming a ski instructor was the realization of years of effort and training, of laughter and tears: the goal to be achieved, wanting to teach this wonderful sport, transform passion into a profession, transmit the passion to others. Since I was a mother, things have obviously changed: the early rising of winter mornings didn't even bother me, wake up at the last minute, running by car and then getting to the slopes. Now, however, everything is planned, to arrange the children and prepare me for work. Yet I can appreciate even more the journey to Madonna di Campiglio, with the darkness still outside, the Dolomites around me, the sun that slowly begins to rise behind those peaks and every time it is like if this wonderful landscape made me forget the nights spent in white between diapers and tantrums and the various difficulties that come before me every day. Despite the years and hard work spent, my passion for skiing will never pass. In fact, every time I put the skis on my feet, the emotion is the same as when I was child and I went with my dad on the slopes feeling the icy wind on my cheeks, looking at the landscape around passing quickly and I feel inside me the feeling of freedom and peace that only skiing can wish me. The job of ski instructor does not only means technique and explanation of movements and positions, but it also consists in being able to transmit the passion that we have always had inside. Understanding our pupils, what they desire and what they feel is the biggest challenge, but at the same time it is the aspect that makes us love our profession so much. Every day we meet different people, for whom we can become a real source of trust, and it is therefore our task to always be up to par, by doing our utmost to meet the needs and expectations of all our customers. For a student the fears of facing something new are normal, because skiing is a sport of speed and Adrenaline: it is precisely at that moment that the ski instructor becomes their lifesaver, in order to become independent and have more fun.

One of the strongest job changes I've noticed since becoming a mother is the understanding of parents who entrust their puppies to us, as for private lessons as for group lessons.As well as the separation from the parent, I also believe that the comparison with the parents at the end of the lesson is really important.In short, being a Mother and a Ski Instructor is a "complete" experience that I am proud to make available to our students in my ski school, with all of my colleagues ski and snowboard instructors at my ski school in Madonna di Campiglio.

See you on the slopes!

Blogger: Elisa