Madonna di Campiglio

Madonna di Campiglio

The Pearl of the Dolomites - Madonna di Campiglio

If you think of the Alps, probably the first image that comes into youmind are the glaciers, majestic peaks and the great expanses of snow. You will imagine the Mont Blanc massif, Monte Rosa and the straitsgreen valleys. Thinking of the Dolomites you will probably have in mind sharp, pink, red peaks made up of friable rock. There is an imaginary line of difference between the Dolomites and the rest of the Alps. Often the choice of the destination to reach to go skiing therefore depends on the choice of the mountain and the scenarios. However, there is only one ski resort in Italy that combines these two types ofViews: Madonna di Campiglio, the Pearl of the Dolomites. Val Rendena, the valley dominated by Campiglio, is one of thefew valleys in the world where two types of conformation can be foundgeological totally different from each other.Skiing on the Pradalago or Cinque Laghi side is different from skiing on Mount Spinale or in the Grostè area because the panorama that can be admired is different. Skiing in the morning on the west side (Pradalago and Cinque Laghi) means admiring the pungent spiers of the Brenta Dolomites and watching the sunrise. Skiing on the opposite side of the valley - in Spinale and Grostè, perhaps in the afternoon, you can see the massifs and granite mountains of the Adamello Presanella Group. Breathtaking and diversified landscapes, vegetation and fauna typical of the alpine world, mountains that tell the story of centuries and centuries ... all protected by the Adamello Brenta Natural Park. In 2009, the Brenta Dolomites were proclaimed a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a recognition that makes them one of the natural gems of the Earth for their extraordinary scenic beauty and geological specificity.

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Madonna di Campiglio is unique. Our Ski and Snowboard Instructors are unique.

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