Tutorial: snowboarding

Tutorial: snowboarding

Best tips for getting started with snowboarding

Well, you are about to face your first adventures on snowboard and it is normal that you are looking for some advice to live this experience to the fullest: if done in the right way it will change your life!

Some doubts:

  • What is the essential snowboard equipment?
  • How long does it take to learn how to snowboard?
  • How to get started?

1) Learn with ta Snowboard Instructor

Having fun on the snowboard may seem easy, but in reality, before you manage the board in the right way, you need to learn at least a few basic techniques. The first part of learning snowboarding techniques is precisely the one that marks the love or hatred for this discipline. A snowboard instructor will teach you the correct posture, will help you position yourself on the board in the right way, will help you understand which foot is your dominant foot, how to turn, control speed, jump and much more ... Usually following a one week course about 2 hours a day, you can learn how to travel the simplest curves and travel safely through the lifts independently. Madonna di Campiglio offers the ideal slopes to learn in safety!

Starting alone or with the help of friends, it will take you much longer, without having fun.

Think about your first snowboard lesson.

2) Snowboard clothing

Snowboard clothing usually has a particular style, and the loose and bulky clothing that is used has the purpose of comfort. Before buying your new snowboard clothing (which as with all mountain clothing follows the layer rule), therefore, follow these tips:

  • Treat yourself to quality technical underwear;
  • Baggy (but not too much) snowboard jacket and pants, resistant to water and abrasion.

3) Safety Protections: Here's what you should definitely have with you

It is also essential to buy quality snowboard protections suited to your needs, indispensable at the beginning when falls are very frequent. But be careful, they will also be useful when your board technique is improved.

The tools useful for your snowboard safety are:

  • snowboard helmet;
  • goggles;
  • wrist guards or gloves equipped with wrist guards;
  • back protector;
  • paracoccyx

4) Snowboard

There are snowboards suitable for fresh snow, hard boards, soft snowboards, freeride boards, etc ...

At the beginning, not having the technical skills that allow you to control technical and specific boards, the best choice is to opt for an All-mountain snowboard, versatile, practical and easy.


5) Snowboard boots: comfort!

As with the board, it is essential to choose the right boot. Don't opt ​​for too technical shoes at first, but focus on comfort! Strength and quality are the other important aspects.


For the best starting...

Snowboarding will change your life.

Do gymnastics for skiing and snowboarding, buy or rent quality clothing and equipment, choose a qualified Italian snowboard instructor and start having FUN on your snowboard!

Book your first snowboard lesson in Campiglio, we are waiting for you!

Blogger: Dave