Snow has came, good mood is back!

Snow has came, good mood is back!

What Snow!

Madonna di Campiglio was covered by two meters of fresh snow, and the ski slopes in some places saw three meters of mantle.

The stunning spectacle to the eyes is that of the best days: snow-capped Dolomites, perfectly covered slopes, white woods, clear skies.

Yet the stopped plants remind us that the priority at the moment is the health of all humanity.

We want to ski, to ski with our students, to do our best ski lessons with you and your children, to experience an endless winter together… but we have to "wait".

We are learning to wait.

But while we wait we are arranging to come back making a good impression with all of you, because even more than other years we want you to feel special, because for us you are!

From 7th January we will be here, far apart but ever closer to you.

We, the Ski Instructors in Madonna di Campiglio, are waiting and waiting for you.


Blogger: Andrea

Photo: Paolo Bisti