2: Athletic preparation for skiing: how and when

2: Athletic preparation for skiing: how and when

Our tips to prepare for the ski season

Here are some suggestions to prepare you to enjoy your ski holidays while having fun in safety, and why not, with some ski and snowboard lessons in Madonna di Campiglio. The advice of the experts is to start at least two months before departure, although it would be better to keep a trained body throughout the year: not only for skiing, but for our physical and mental health.

The goals of the preparation are to increase and improve:

Balance: staying balanced on sliding equipment is a fundamental skill to be acquired in order to learn to ski.

Aerobic capacity: greater resistance will allow us to ski more hours during the day and in the following days and get a faster recovery.

Muscle strength: to make curves, to maintain direction, to brake, to overcome obstacles and to be able to better deal with different types of snow and slopes, our muscles must be ready! Nobody excluded!

Elasticity: our muscles must be strong, but our joints above all: hips, ankles and knees must be elastic in order to have freedom of movement and to avoid injuries.

Coordination: very important, for example, to be able to differentiate the movements of the legs from those of the arms, and to be able to perform the exercises that will be proposed to you by your ski instructor.

So, what are you waiting for? Run to train, your ski instructors are waiting for you in Madonna di Campiglio for wonderful, fun and safe skiing !!!!!

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2: Athletic preparation for skiing: how and when